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Come On Over For Some Booze, Steak and Abdominal Thrusts

IMG_4001[1]There are some things I am good at, but there are many things at which I am a complete failure. As much as I have tried, I’ve been unable to bring in velour as a staple fabric for Men’s clothing, I cannot open a string cheese package to save my life (I now use a combination of various saws, pliers and a blow torch), and despite a concerted effort on my part, to this day nobody calls me Commodore. But, one day a few years ago, I did do something right. I successfully administered the Heimlich maneuver on a very good friend of mine when he was choking on a piece of steak.

It is not an uncommon practice for me to gather friends around and chew on chucks of meat while consuming alcohol,DSCN1431 and thus it was on a sunny day in the backyard when my very good friend and a wonderful gent Big Joe Smith (Titanic to some…when he goes down he takes others with him) suddenly rose from the table, turned blueprint blue, and indicated that the ribeye had not found its rightful home. A clogged pipe it was.  So I sprang into action (anyone who knows me, knows I never ever spring into any action) and I got behind Big Joe, did the pointy thumb thing into his solar plexus (or there abouts), and let her rip. Out came a piece of steak the size of Mickey Rooney, which sailed across the yard at the speed of a Nike missile landing somewhere on Wilshire Blvd.  Joe seemed fine so we threw down more booze and ate more meat.

Dr.-Henry-Heimlich1So what is the deal with the Heimlich? Well, Dr. Henry Heimlich lives in Cincinnati, and as of this writing he is 95 years old.  He is wierdly related to some very cool people (perhaps not). First of all, he is the uncle of Anson Williams, better known as “Potsie” from the 70’s TV show “Happy Days” and secondly, his father-in-law is ballroom-dancing entrepreneur Arthur Murray. (The



pressure on the first dance at their wedding had to be enormous.)  Hank first published his views on the Heimlich maneuver in June of 1974.  Shortly after that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that a retired restaurant-owner used the

Arthur Murray

Arthur Murray

procedure to rescue a choking victim and since then it has been reported to have saved thousands of lives. From 1976 to 1985 the choking – rescue guidelines of the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association taught rescuers to first perform a series of back blows and if that didn’t work then use the Heimlich maneuver . From 1986 to 2005 the AHA and the ARC dropped the hard blows to the back and only recommended the Heimlich Maneuver.

But for some reason Doc H. hopped on the train to Wierdsville and believe me he made it to themalaria2 station on time. He started saying the HM was a good treatment for drownings and strongly recommended Malariotherapy (the deliberate infection of a person with benign malaria) to treat cancer, lyme disease, and HIV. His son Peter has a website which describes what he alleges to be his father’s “wide-ranging, unseen 50 year history of fraud.”  The American Heart Association ceased referring to the “Heimlich Maneuver” now refers to it as “abdominal thrusts” and the American Red Cross is also fazing out the name “Heimlich”.

DSCN0475So who knows, soon old Doc Heimlich might drop off the face of the earth and with him goes his name connected to this mighty maneuver.  Perhaps a swift  kick to Big Joe’s undercarriage might have taken care of that Porterhouse and the maneuver was unnecessary.  So let us gather around and have a steak and booze session in our backyard, try to get meat stuck in our throats, fool around with some “abdominal thrusts” and some intense back pounding, maybe some good old self induced malaria, and see what really works. Who’s in? Groove.

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9 thoughts on “Come On Over For Some Booze, Steak and Abdominal Thrusts

  1. 5-Pack on said:

    I have not saved a life but I have saved a party or two, by performing the Heineken maneuver. It involves … you guessed it … BEER.

  2. vickycurtis on said:

    B, I have been thinking about you. I need to carch up wit you. See how the videos are coming along etc. You need to get all these articles in a book. So fun! How is your mom? Just a quick recap. My mom and dad are living here in LA with me. They have their own little casita behind our house.. Baby Bij is launching her first Cook Book she got it officially published – is ready to head out on her book tour. Her husband has a very successful podcast among other things. Stu is touring with Lucinda Williams. Ran into Alison Rockwell at a concert where he played at the pier this past Sept. She told me about Greg! How is he doing? So great to see her and her daughter. Here¹s a link to an intimate performance on npr in DC 2014-npr-youtube-video/

    Hope you are doing great! v

    Happy New Year! Curtis and Company 1052 South Crescent Heights Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035 Direct: 310.720.6144

    From: GrooveCentralLA Reply-To: GrooveCentralLA Date: Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 9:45 AM To: Microsoft Office User Subject: [New post] Come On Over For Some Booze, Steak and Abdominal Thrusts

    > > GrooveCentral LA posted: “There are some things I am good at, but there are > many things at which I am a complete failure. As much as I have tried, I’ve > been unable to bring in velour as a staple fabric for Men’s clothing, I cannot > open a string cheese package to save my life (I no” >

  3. lisa setos on said:

    WTG Bill – love your storylines.

  4. I did use the maneuver at a business lunch and it was successful – no ribs broken and air passage was cleared. 2 weeks later I was at another event and another person was choking and a gentleman jumped us to perform the “himey” and it worked at that time too. Great story and I love wrapping Anson Williams back into the fold

  5. Nashy , all hail those who have used the ‘Himey” and I am sure those who you have saved have a large shrine in their abode that honors you with candles , food offerings , and enlarged photos of you dressed to the nines. If they don’t , they might have to repeat the unsavory experience. All hail Nashy !

  6. Goldage on said:

    I don’t know how anyone but you, the Master of knowledge difficult to find, who could ferret out the relationship between Dr Heimlich, Potsy, and Arthur Murray. Maybe you should read your blogs on YouTube.

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